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Facial Care And Facial Creams To Stop Aging

Posted: Dec 21 2015

These are some basic skin care tips for facial care, and to help reduce the signs of aging. In this post I will talk about how to wash the face, how to moisturize, what makeup products to use, and other creams that can help you look younger.

Washing The Face

It is important not to apply too much pressure when washing the face, you want treat your face as though it was fragile silk fabric, using a gentle circular motion. Using too much pressure can cause damage to the capillaries, and stretch out your skin, causing sagging in the long run.

Protecting Your Skin From The Sun

One of the main ways to prevent aging is to prevent the damage caused by the sun. You can do this by avoiding the sun by wearing a hat or the right type of clothes, or you can wear a simple high SPF sunscreen. Some moisturizers have a sunscreen included as one of the active ingredients.

Keeping Hydrated

It's very important to keep the moisture in your skin, but not just through using a moisturizer, but also through other ways. You need to drink about eight to ten glasses of water a day, and it may also help to use a spa or sauna, to sweat through your skin, which strange as it seems, helps to hydrate it. Other ways to help your skin stay hydrated are to eat the right types of vegetables, such as broccoli, which has natural plant estrogen in it, and also using skin creams with glycerin and hyaluronic acid. There are many other chemicals in the creams on this site which can further benefit the look and feel of your skin.

Avoid Sugar And Fat In Foods

Apart from eating healthy fruits and vegetables, it's also very important to avoid sugar and fat in your diet. These things can promote aging by triggering free radicals, inducing inflammation, and damaging cells. Get the right type of fats in your diet, even take fish oil capsules to get omega 3, and eat fruits like watermelon, which have a lot of water naturally in them, or hold water in your gut.

Use Anti Aging Skin Creams

The Skin Renew collection has a variety of different facial creams that can literally make you look decades younger, within a few weeks! You may even see results immediately after you apply some of these products. You can simply browse the range, click on the add to cart button and pay via credit card, and the products will be sent out to you within a few weeks, or you can get expert advice on which creams to use to get the best results for your individual skin by using the contact page, or by sending an email to


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