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Best Way To Make Your Skin Look Younger

Posted: Jun 23 2017

There are many products out there claiming to have anti aging properties, but it takes certain chemicals to produce these results, and you need more than one to treat all the signs of aging. For example, wrinkles, age spots, dry, sagging skin, require the right active ingredients, which the creams in the Skin Renew collection contain. 

The Skin Renew brand is made by Tonique Skin Care, a company with over a decade experience in the beauty industry, starting out in the skin lightening field, and selling to customers around the world. 

They found that many of the same chemicals they used for lightening the skin also had the added benefit of making the skin look younger, by tightening, exfoliating and increasing cellular turnover. 

You can also buy the Super Concentrated Tonique collection for powerful skin lightening, but some of the Skin Renew range of creams have a mild lightening effect, as well as ingredients like retinol,  which tighten the skin, increase collagen production, exfoliate and resurface, and form a barrier to keep in moisture.

For example, the Tightening & Toning Retinol Exfoliating Resurfacer does pretty much what it says in the title, it exfoliates dead skin cells, increases cellular turnover, helps remove the appearance of crow's feet and other fine lines and wrinkles, and evens out skin tone giving you a smooth, younger looking skin tone. 

The Tightening & Color Correcting Under Eye Complex is for use specifically around and under the eyes, to get rid of dark circles and sagging under the eyes. 

Some of the other active ingredients are vitamins like C, E, and CoQ10, along with botanical extracts like aloe, tea tree oil, antioxidants, tryglycerides, and a bunch of chemicals with long names which work together to get the job done. 

Give it a try, but before you do, if you need any advice on which product to choose for the results you hope to achieve, you can use the chat box, or the contact page, or send an email to perhaps along with a recent photo of yourself as an attachment and any relevant details to get expert, personalized advice on the right treatment plan for your unique skin. 

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