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Effective Skin Whitening Products

Posted: Jun 21 2016

The Super Concentrated Tonique collection is a collection of skin lightening creams and lotions that also revitalize your skin and make it look younger and more beautiful at the same time.

The active ingredients are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid and sepiwhite MSH, but those are just some of the many beneficial chemicals and nutrients in the product range.

As an example, the 10x intense facial whitening cream contains  Aloe vera juice, Sepiwhite MSH*, alpha arbutin, vitamin C, retinol, vegetable glycerin, chestnut extract, coQ10, lemon extract, citric acid, glutathione, anti-oxidant blend, Sepicalm VG, licorice extract, bearberry extract, and a natural fragrance to make it smell nice.

The retinol is an anti aging chemical, while the vitamins and botanical extracts help your skin heal faster and produce collagen and other essential oils.

The exfoliating bar is a soap alternative which helps remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, making the cream more effective, and also bringing the layer of new, healthy skin cells to the surface.

If you want to go further with the exfoliating process, you can try a chemical peel, using the glycolic acid peeling lightening lotion, and if you want to save money on individual purchases, you can buy one of the package deals, which contain just about everything you need for many months of lightening.

If you want a better deal, you can like and share this Facebook Page for 15% back on your purchase, if you mention it while ordering, and there are also regular special offers posted there and their other pages and in the mailing list.

Still, it works out at about the cost of a cup of coffee a day, as these creams are extremely potent and effective, while also being completely safe, FDA approved, and made in the USA.

Tonique Skin Care is an American company with over a decade of experience, and thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

You can browse the range of skin lightening products and buy via credit card, and also check out the anti aging products in the Skin Renew collection, also on this site.

If you have any questions about which products to use, and how to use them to get the best possible results, start a conversation with the expert support team by either using the contact page, or sending an email to


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