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How To Cover Up Vitiligo On The Face And Body

Posted: Jul 25 2016

Do you have patchy skin? Have you been diagnosed with vitiligo, also known as hypo-pigmentation? Maybe it's hyper-pigmentation, but whatever it is, you came to the right place, as we have high quality skin lightening products here.

The most famous person who ever underwent treatment for a serious case of vitiligo was Michael Jackson. He was dark skinned early in life, and then developed patches of skin without pigment, which was obviously very stressful for someone in his position.

He started using a cream containing hydroquinone, however, there are known side effects from using hydroquinone for a long period of time, such as ochronosis, the thickening and bruising of the skin.

A safer alternative that is still very effective is alpha arbutin, which is what we used along with glycolic acid, sepiwhite MSH, and a range of botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals to soothe the skin, and keep it healthy, for a long term maintenance of the look.

If you stop using our products, your skin will gradually return to it's natural state, and so your patches would return gradually.

The good news is, you can continue using these products once a day, or once a week, and for no more than the cost of a cup of coffee.

The results will become obvious almost immediately, and depending on whether you have very dark skin, or light skin, you should achieve the shade you want within a few days or weeks, and then you can maintain that shade by repeating the application again, days or weeks after that.

The more often you apply the cream, the lighter you become, and if you wanted the sort of complete bleaching that Michael Jackson did to cover his vitiligo, that might take an every day application of more than one of our products.

For example, you could buy the super concentrated Tonique Color Me Beautiful Face And Body Whitening package deal, which contains 1 super concentrated green tea moisturizing whitening lotion, 1 super concentrated 10x intense whitening cream, 1 super concentrated intense skin whitening gel, 1 coconut mango triple whitening exfoliating soap, and a brightening whitening facial toner.

You can get all of that for $699.00 US, which may seem like a lot, but that's enough to last you for many months, and will change the way you look dramatically for the better, in a safe, healthy way that can be maintained for a lifetime, if required.

If you have any questions about the best products to buy and how to use them to get the best possible results for your unique skin, use the contact page, or send an email, perhaps with an attachment of a photo of yourself, to The expert support staff will help you cover up your vitiligo and look amazing at a price you can afford.

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