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Organic Skin Whitening Ingredients

Posted: Jul 06 2016

Tonique Super Concentrated Semi-Custom for FaceExperts have agreed that everyone should be taking care of their skin. It is the largest organ found in your body, and it serves as the first layer of protection against harmful external factors such as Ultra-Violet rays and pollution.  Any pigmentations or dark circles are a sign that your skin is not in a good condition.  In order to help you remove the sign of skin discoloration, skin whitening products may help.  Unfortunately, the huge percentages of products that are available in the market have chemical ingredients and additives that can cause negative skin reaction.  It is imperative for you to find a skin care product with natural and organic ingredients.  Here is the rundown of effective lightening ingredients that can fade hyperpigmentation, melasma, age spots, etc.

 Top 4 Natural Skin Whitening Ingredients

 Citrus Extract

 Orange peels, as well as lemon juice, have long been used for skin bleaching. Furthermore, these 2 skin whitening ingredients contain high amount of Vitamin C that can improve the production of skin collagen.  As we all know, collagen can improve the skin’s elasticity and also serves as a protection of our skin against premature aging.  Vitamin C also has an active ingredient that can control the hyperactive melanocytes.  These are the type of cell that causes our skin to become dark.

 Kojic Acid

 Kojic Acid can mostly be found in skin whitening soap.  It is that crystalline powder that is obtained from a special type of fungus found in Asia.  Kojic Acid has long been utilized in the country of Japan and is effective against hyper-pigmentation. Based on the scientific study, this ingredient has the capacity to reduce the skin discoloration at an impressive rate.  Kojic Acid is also an anti-oxidant that keeps the production of free radicals in our body at a stable level.  It is highly recommended by the experts on sensitive and sun-damaged skin.

 Licorice Extract

 The extract that is squeezed from the plant called Licorice has long been utilized in the Ancient Chinese medicine for curing different types of skin diseases.  During the year 1990, Japanese conducted an experiment on this plant and found that it contains a compound called glabridin.  Glabridin has the ability to absorb the UVB and UVA rays and serves as an effective skin whitening ingredient.

 Bearberry Leaf Extract

 The extract derived from the leaf of the bearberry is frequently used in the cosmetic industry as an astringent product since it contains an element called Alpha Arbutin that can instantly whiten the skin. 1% of this skin whitening fixing has a more impressive result compared to hydroquinone that contains the same amount.

 These are the top 4 skin whitening ingredients that were traditionally used to whiten the skin of our ancestors.  Recent scientific findings have attested to the efficacy of this product which revealed that most of them produce a better result compared to the chemical whitening ingredients.

 For more information on our natural skin whitening products that contain the ingredients above and which products are right for you contact us by pressing the live chat tab to the left and speak with a knowledgeable skin care specialist right away or send us an email at

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