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Reasons Your Skin Looks Dull: Steps to Gaining Glowing Skin

Posted: Nov 11 2017


woman with glowing skin“Skin with a perfect glow is hard to define.” But, we can try; it is bright like the rising sun, stronger that bullet-proof armor, and smooth like a baby’s bottom.


According to dermatologists, such skin comes from eight hours of sleep, a well-balanced diet, and sprawling natural confidence. In the modern world, unfortunately, pulling off a glowing skin is almost impossible. We have to work long hours; thus sleep, less. Also, eating the right foods can sometimes be difficult. Finally, the environment actively works against you.


The good news is, presently, you don’t need any of the above to have a glowing skin. We have been hard at work for years formulating products that you can trust and apply to your skin safely. Now, it is not the amount of sleep you get, or the foods you eat, that influence your looks; science has been hard at work to come up with solutions we can finally trust. Whether it is your first time buying professional skin care products, or you are a repeat offender :), here are some the ways our formulations can help:


Challenge: Dead Skin Cells


The dust you see everywhere in your house is dead skin cells. You may feel like the skin is a permanent part of you, but every day millions of cells die. Some fall off naturally due to gravity, others remain. Unless you take action to remove the attached dead cells; the result will be dull skin.

 retinol even skin cream

Answer: Removing that layer won’t be easy when using face wipes alone. Our Brightening & Even Toning Retinol Exfoliating cream, when used once or twice a week; will make it possible to shed the layer of dead skin.


Challenge: Looking Tired All the Time


During certain busy times of life, we find ourselves having less time to sleep. For mothers juggling multiple activities or busy professionals, finding time to get enough sleep, remains an uphill task. If you become tired, stress ensues, and your skin takes the hit. Once cortisol the primary hormone responsible for stress management, goes up due to stress; blood drains from your skin to the vital organs. Your skin becomes pale and dull.


Answer: A moisturizer such as the Moisturizing and Brightening Even Skin Toner, and regular face massages will restore blood flow to the face. When used concurrently, rest assured of glowing skin.


Challenge: Harmful UV Sun Rays

 sunscreen picture

Without the sun, life would never exist; though the yellow ball in the sky runs the world; its potent rays will burn your fibroblasts. These are skin cells in the dermis responsible for the production of collagen key in glowing skin.


Answer: For instant collagen, use the Anti-Aging Wrinkle Erase Cream to protect and regenerate damaged skin cells. Use it every night preferably after showering, and avoid the sun as much as possible –wear sunscreen always.


If you are serious about a glowing skin, stronger than steel, softer than a baby’s bottom, use products that work. Ask any expert the secret to radiant skin they will all say, moisturize, exfoliate, more collagen and Tonique.

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