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Skin Lightening and Whitening Around the World

Posted: Jun 30 2016

Different Skin TonesMany think the taboo of skin lightening or whitening is a taboo topic that they are ashamed to discuss with family members or friends however, the topic of tanning is socially acceptable and not taboo by any means.  Is there a double standard here?  Many think so...  If a girlfriend says she is going to "lay out" in the sun so that she can get a good tan or she's going to the tanning salon no one bats an eye but if you say you're going to order a skin whitening, lightening, or brightening cream no matter what culture or part of the world you're in you may receive a lecture on why you shouldn't be using such a product.  You may get that lecture even if you have visible sun damage, melasma, or even visible hyperpigmentation.  

Most do not realize that when someone is lightening the skin sometimes it isn't necessarily because they want to be lighter.  For some people it is an issue of lightening hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne scars, or any darker patch of skin and so as not to have a patchy look they may apply it to the entire area to ensure that the skin looks even.  Other people may want to lighten a few shades for cosmetic reasons and though some may not like this, it should be just as socially acceptable as tanning if one is using high quality, all natural skin whitening products.  For melasma a high quality all natural skin lightening product like the super concentrated 10x cream works wonders because its all natural ingredients are highly concentrated and formulated to work on even the most stubborn, harder to lighten areas of the face and/or to remove stubborn sun damage all over the face.

Skin Lightening Around the World

The practice of skin whitening is widely accepted in some countries such as Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. but even so can still be somewhat of a taboo topic.  In these countries many use skin lightening as a practice of expression or fashion in a sense while others do it because they prefer the look aesthetically.  Though there is nothing wrong with it, many people use unsafe products in order to get the look that they're trying to achieve because they think it cannot be done naturally which is not necessarily true.  If you need to get rid of sun damage on both the face and body or lighten both the face and body a few shades we have skin whitening packages that contain products for both the face and the body and that are all natural with no harmful side effects but that will still get you the results that you desire.

Whether you prefer lightening or tanning and no matter where you are in the world, is what you prefer to do with your skin and should be accepted.  If you choose to lighten the skin use natural skin whitening products that contain sepiwhite smh for the fastest, safest, and best results that you can get.

For more information on how to get the best results possible, how to remove melasma, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, or just lighten a few shades email us at  You can also press the live chat button on the left of the screen to speak with an operator right away to ask about product recommendations.

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