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Skin Tone Chart For All Skin Tones

Posted: Aug 21 2016

Skin Tone ChartWhat skin tone are you and how can you best care for your skin?  These are the questions that we expect you to ask yourself before choosing which line of skin care products to trust your precious skin to.  It is the largest organ that we have and in order to take care of it only the highest quality skin care products with the best ingredients should be used.

It is also important to note that not only are there different skin tones but there are also different skin types.  No two persons have the exact same type of skin, so sometimes it is necessary to have a custom made product that supports your skin care goals and your skin type.  Here at Skin Renews, the leader in innovative skin care products we can help you to create and fully customize a product that is suited just for your skin and to help you achieve the results that you desire.  What's that you say?  Can you really make a customized product just for my skin?  Yes, we can, just contact us to ask how.

No matter the skin tone or skin type, it is important to remember that sun block must always be used to prevent damage from the harmful rays of the sun.  It is a myth that skin types with more melanin do not require sun protection.  While melanin rich skin tones may have more natural protection from the sun, sun block is still required for the protection of the skin and to maintain it's health.

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is also important for all skin types.  This helps to prevent wrinkles, and the signs of premature aging as well as improve your overall health.  Using a quality anti-aging moisturizer is also important in keeping the skin hydrated in order to delay the effect of aging on the skin.

For more information and help to find out which anti-aging and skin whitening products are right for you contact us by pressing the live chat button on the left and we'd be happy to assist or you can also email us at for assistance.


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