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How To Whiten Your Skin At Home

Posted: Jan 11 2015

Home Skin Whitening Treatments

Skin whitening is the process of using a chemical agent to either bleach the skin, or slow the pigmentation process, causing less melanin production, also resulting in lighter skin. Treatments like these have been around for hundreds, or even thousands of years, although the technology has gotten a lot better in the last few decades.

The main chemicals used in the products on this site are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, sepiwhite FSH, along with many other chemicals used to moisturize and stop aging.

The glycolic acid is used in the chemical peeling lotion, which takes off the outer layer of skin, making your skin look younger, and also making any treatment last longer, as it will take longer before new skin cells grow to replace the old.

You can also get an exfoliating soap, which helps to remove dead skin cells, and then you apply the extra strength whitening gel, to get fast results, a lighter skin tone.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

You can maintain the effects indefinitely, and at different levels of lightening, depending on how often you apply the products. It will be different for each person, as each person has a different natural skin tone, but if you were hoping to get a complete, bone white skin tone, and you were naturally dark in skin color, you might need to apply the products to your whole body every other day, or a couple of times a week.

On the other hand, you might just want to use the cream to cover up dark spots in a specific area, on your naturally light skin, and that might just involve applying the products to one area, such as the face, or hands, once a month, or every couple of weeks. If you stop using the products, the effects will fade naturally, and within a couple of months, you should look exactly the way you did before you started.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no known side effects with any of the chemicals used in the products sold by Skin Renews, and they have been in business online for over a decade, with thousands of satisfied customers.

The company is based in Maryland, USA, and as an American company, the products have to pass FDA regulations, and have been shown to be both safe, and effective. The effects can be maintained for a lifetime if needed.

Other brands of skin whitening products have been found to contain harmful chemicals, some Asian and African brands contain mercury, or hydroquinone, which both have terrible side effects over long term use, so you have to be careful to buy from a trustworthy company.

You should also watch out for products that suggest taking chemicals orally, or by injection, as they have also been shown to be harmful or just ineffective.

Again, there are no side effects reported for the products sold on this site, by Tonique Skin Care.

How Much Does It Cost?

The products on this site work best in combination with each other, because the different creams have different functions, and you can buy a package deal containing everything you need for months of applications for $349.99.

You can also buy the products individually, such as the extra strength 10x intense whitening gel can be bought for $99.95

If you have any questions about payment, which product to buy, or how to apply the creams to get the results you're after, use the contact page to start a conversation with the support team.


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