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The Trend Of Skin Bleaching In Hollywood

Posted: May 14 2015

It is not really a new thing, but recently a lot of big name Hollywood celebrities have been found to be using skin whitening creams and treatments, especially African-Americans.
Huge stars such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and more have been noticed by paparazzi to have made dramatic changes in their skin tone through the use of bleaching treatments.
Michael Jackson was one very famous pop star who underwent a whitening treatment, particularly due to his chronic skin condition hypo-pigmentation, which left him with very pronounced white patches on his skin.
Not everybody uses a skin bleaching cream for the same reason, some may be trying to cover something up, and others may just want an all-round lighter skin tone.
It seems that in Hollywood, they have known for quite a long time that record sales and show ratings are generally better if the star or anchor has a lighter skin color.
Tests have shown that if there is a very dark-skinned person on the front cover of an album, it makes less sales, and the same with the ratings of a talk show or news show, or any other type of entertainment media.
This is not meaning to be racist, it is simply a sub-conscious or perhaps even conscious pre-disposition a mostly white society has towards supporting or buying the media products of a show or act that has a very black person in it.
Again, I don't mean to be racist, but the agents of African-American stars in Hollywood often give them this advice based on what the studies have shown them, that they are more likely to have success if they get this treatment, in the same way as many female stars are encouraged to get boob jobs, or nose jobs.

Problems With The Skin Whitening Trend
The main thing to worry about in this trend of Hollywood celebrities whitening their skin is that there may be mistakes made in the process by regular people, trying to copy celebrities, which could have bad side effects, and consequences.
The problem is that the internet is a portal to the world, and as such, you can get ripped off when buying online, or pick up a product that is not made with the right ingredients.
There are products out there on the market containing mercury, or various other unsafe toxins. You need to avoid hydroquinone, products claiming to bleach your skin white using injections or pills, and the whole process needs supervision, at least as much as a treatment such as this can be supervised from home.
It costs a lot of money to go see a cosmetic surgeon to have a treatment like this done, and you can get a much better deal, but it is not always wise to seek treatment from your local physician, as they don't specialise in these type of treatments, and may prescribe you the wrong thing.
The wrong thing I'm talking about is hydroquinone cream, the most widely prescribed cream for bleaching skin affected by conditions such as vitiligo.
In many countries, this cream is banned, and for very good reason. Long term use causes serious side effects such as thickening and bruising of the skin, and worse if you continue past those problems.
An over the counter cream containing arbutin, glycolic acid or kojic acid is better and safer to use, and produces pretty much the same results, minus the terrible side effects.
Before you start using any particular brand, do your research well, and seek information from reliable sources such as medical journals, government sites like the FDA, and perhaps Wikipedia.
Discussion results will often give you the reviews you are looking for on a particular brand, but you should bare in mind that not all sources are completely trustworthy, and you need to research not just the company, but the active ingredients, the review, and before and after shots to get an idea of what you can expect.
Not everybody needs to bleach their skin, in fact most people don't, but nevertheless it has been a part of popular culture in different societies, going back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Final Thoughts On Bleaching Treatments
Whether you are white, black, brown, red or yellow, it doesn't really matter, but if it affects the way you see yourself, and the way that other people may see you, then it could be a reasonable thing to want to do a skin bleaching treatment like the ones talked about in this article.
If you want to find out more, you should contact a company like us, Skin Renews, and ask us about what the possibilities are, and how to get the results that you are looking for regarding your individual skin.
We have been around for over a decade selling online, are based in the USA, and so totally comply to FDA regulations, and we have a helpful support staff that can answer any questions you may have.
If you are interested, get in touch by using the contact page, (in the main menu), by sending an email to or by visiting our Facebook page, Skin Whitening Tips.
It is not a racist thing for people to want to look more like the majority of the people around them, or to conform to cultural beauty stereotypes that exist around the world in every race. Some white people think it's beautiful to get a tan, and many darker skinned people feel that lighter skin is more beautiful, it's just one of those things, and it's very easy to get lighter, more even, younger looking skin, by using the products on this site.


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