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How To Get White Skin

Posted: May 21 2015

This page will explain how to get white skin in a natural, safe and effective way. There are many reasons why people want to lighten their skin, either to make it look more even due to spots or blemishes, or for a generally lighter appearance.

Hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, freckles, birthmarks, sun spots, age spots, pregnancy marks, scars, and the list goes on. These are some of the conditions which can be covered up using the products on this site.

For light skinned people, you can easily bleach one small spot, or area of the body like your face. If you have darker skin, you may need to use the cream on your entire body from head to toe, in order to get uniform, even results.

You may know that there are lot of very famous celebrities who bleach their skin such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and more. Check out that link to see some before and after photos.

Michael Jackson used a cream containing hydroquinone, but you need a prescription to get something that strong, and it isn't for everyone, because that chemical has been shown to have nasty side effects when used for a long period of time.

He decided to change his skin color because he had large white patches on his skin, caused by a condition called vitiligo, also known as hypo-pigmentation.

It is best to use all-natural, mild ingredients on your skin, and gradually get the results you're looking for over time, because the results also have to be maintained over time, because new skin cells grow up under the old ones constantly.

You should be careful to do your research carefully on what ingredients are being used in any particular cream, their effects and side effects, and of course check with your doctor when trying any sort of skin bleaching treatments.

Generally speaking, any cream that is going to be effective at whitening your skin will have some side effects like slightly sore skin or mild rashes, but some creams are safer than others.

If you buy from a company based in the USA, then you at least know that the product has passed the FDA regulations.

Skin Renews is based in Maryland in the United States, and we sell a quality range of products with the active ingredients of arbutin, glycolic acid and sepiwhite FSH, right here on this site.

Check out the product description page for more information, or send an email to to get more information on the right product to use, and how to apply it, to get the results you're looking for, for your unique skin type.

The History Of Skin Bleaching

People have been lightening their skin for thousands of years, it goes back to the ancient Egyptians who used things like lemon juice and ginger to make their skin lighter.

A few hundred years ago, it was popular for ladies in England to have really white skin, and they used to use powders and all sorts of things to make their skin look porcelain white.

It was said that Queen Elizabeth actually died from the skin powder she used every day, which contained arsenic, although that's not known for sure, as they weren't all that advanced in medicine at the time.

Even the men used to wear makeup, and those funny white wigs, but for some people, it's not just a fashion issue, it's a real necessity, as they have patches of skin that are discolored or darker than the rest, or other blemishes that cause uneven skin.

It's very popular in Asian countries, in fact it's a huge status symbol and sign of beauty for a woman or a man to be very light in color.

There are some bad products on the market from offshore operators containing mercury and even more dangerous poisons, so you have to be careful and do your research thoroughly.

For more skin whitening tips, check out this Facebook page, and if you have any comments regarding the best way to lighten the skin tone in a safe, natural and effective way, please leave them below.

Again, if you want to find out more, talk to the support team at Skin Renews through the contact page, we are an American company who have been providing safe and effective skin whitening products for many years.

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