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Best Skin Whitening Cream

Posted: Jun 09 2015

Currently, there is a wide variety of skin whitening products on the market. The existence of numerous brands of skin whitening creams online makes it difficult to determine which brand yields the best results.

This post contains useful information that will help you to determine the best skin care creams. The information provided in this article will also help you to avoid inferior and defective products.

The first consideration you need to make is determining the reason as to why you want to treat your skin. Some of the reasons that drive people to treat their skin include getting rid of unfavorable skin tones such as scars, birthmarks and freckles.

Others use skin whitening creams to lighten their dark skin.

 Light skinned people are sometimes deemed to be more attractive, or more "normal" than dark skinned people, depending on the cultural notions of beauty in your part of the world.

A large number of persons especially movie stars, artists, journalist among other celebrities usually whiten their skin so that they can look attractive on the camera.

This is because studies have shown that more people may tune in to watch a TV program with more familiar looking people, in a mostly white society like the USA, for example.

People have different types of skins thus they always get different results from the same skin treatment. For this reason, expert advice is very useful for instructions on how to treat your skin for great results.

Safest Skin Whitening Products

If you want to get quick results without worrying about side effects, you can opt for Tonique skin care products, available on this site. These products are FDA approved thus very effective and safe for use.

The best skin lightening creams normally contain certified bleaching ingredients such as arbutin. 

Skin lightening creams that contain ingredients such as mercury and hydroquinone are not safe for human use.

Hydroquinone was widely used in most skin bleaching products until it started raising health related controversies. Some of the side effects of hydroquinone include causing a certain type of skin cancer.

In fact, some countries such as the UK and France have gone an extra mile of banning the skin products containing mercury and hydroquinone to protect their citizens.

Most skin treatment creams can be used without doctor’s prescriptions. However, if you suffer from severe skin complications such as allergies you should consult your doctor before engaging in the skin treatment. Doctor’s consultation is also necessary if you are on any form of medication.

Professional advice is also very necessary so that you can understand how and when to apply skin whitening creams. You can contact the support team at Tonique Skin Care through the contact page on this site, (in the menu), or you can send an email to, which you can use to get information about their products.

You can send them a personalized email and attach your photo so that they can provide you with specific instructions on how to go about treating your skin in the right way, using the right products.

How Long Does It Take?

Skin whitening doesn’t yield results overnight, although you should notice changes over about a week or two. Skin treatment is a gradual process that requires patience and commitment before you start noticing significant changes, but this is important in being able to safely maintain the results over a long period of time.

If you stop applying the creams, your skin starts turning back to its initial condition, thus you should make sure that you observe the cream's applications routine to maintain your lighter skin tone, which will be lighter the more often you apply the products.

You should also stay away from direct sunlight since it causes darkening of the skin. The dark skin is caused by melanin produced by the skin, thus you should avoid too much direct UV rays that might trigger the production of melanin. For more information on the products on this site, see the products page, or contact support.

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