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Chemical Skin Whitening Creams Versus Home Remedies

Posted: Jul 27 2015

Skin whitening is a beauty treatment that dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. Since then, there are numerous methods that have been formulated to make the skin lightening process easier, safer, and more effective.

There are many choices of different brands and products made by different companies, but this post specifically compares homemade remedies using mostly food items and the use of factory-made, chemical skin lightening creams.

There also other methods out there as well, such as those that require you to take an injection or swallow some pills, (usually glutathione), although I would not recommend that since it has not been confirmed as safe, or that it works at all.

In this post, we are only going to look at the most common skin lightening methods i.e. the use of skin whitening creams and natural homemade remedies, and compare the results.

Homemade Natural Remedies

This is a treatment that involves the use of natural products that are common in most households to lighten or rather brighten your skin, (milder effects are called brightening).

If you are new to skin whitening and don't want a major change to your skin tone, this may be the method for you since it involves using simple foods that you already have in your kitchen.

Some of the home remedies used for skin lightening include lemon juice, lime juice, pineapple juice or any other product that contains vitamin C.

There are other foods such as yogurt, turmeric and even tomatoes that can also be used to treat your skin, and as you would expect, there is not much of a change, in either a positive or negative way.

Homemade products are preferred by some people since they are all natural thus you do not have to worry about any side effects. Natural skin treatments like lemon juice are also cheap, easy to access and use thus very convenient for the average person.

However, natural homemade remedies have a very mild effect thus cannot be used to treat complex skin conditions, or make a noticeable change in skin color.

These natural products also take quite a long period before you start noticing results and might not show much difference, if any at all, especially on a tough, darker toned skin.

Skin Whitening Creams

Skin Whitening creams are for those people who want to see a significant improvement, a noticeably lighter skin tone, over a short period of time.

There are numerous creams on the market and some use the wrong chemicals in the wrong way causing side effects, thus it is crucial that you take caution when buying to ensure that you have chosen the right product.

You should go for skin whitening creams that contain ingredients that are safe for human use and effective in giving the intended results. Some of the ingredients to look for include glycolic acid, kojic acid, alpha arbutin (or arbutin), and sepiwhite FSH.

Skin lightening creams are generally easy to apply since you just have to follow simple instructions that are usually provided by your supplier, although you need to be careful with all of them not to get it in your eyes, and to apply in a way that leaves even results.

Some of the conditions that might require powerful bleaching agents include birthmarks, acne scars, freckles, extremely dark skin, hypo-pigmentation ad hyper-pigmentation.

It is highly recommended that you go for those creams that are FDA approved since they are always of high quality and safe for human use. Some of the products that are FDA approved include those sold by Tonique Skin Care, right here on this site.

Being based in Maryland, USA Skin Renews is subjected to FDA regulations meaning that their products meets the required standards, use approved chemicals and have no harmful side effects, even after many years of use.

Find Out More

You can contact the support team directly via or via the contact page for any further clarification on how to get the results you're looking for on your individual skin. These products are only sold online and can be delivered worldwide.

Using the right products helps you to achieve the desired results faster and more efficiently, but not too fast, as the results also need to be maintained over time without harming your skin.

You should remember that skin whitening treatments require patience as it’s a gradual process that takes time before significant results start showing up, and also remember to apply the creams regularly as directed, because if you stop applying the creams your skin will start gradually turning back to its original color.

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