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Best Skin Lightening Methods

Posted: Aug 11 2015

Every wants to have perfect and beautiful skin, however, this is sometimes a struggle for various reasons.

The skin, being the largest organ in the body experiences a lot wear and tear. The skin is located outside the body thus it is subject to many environmental factors such as UV rays that can damage it, make it age faster or cause unsightly spots.

For these reasons, there is a necessity of taking care of your skin so that it can continue looking attractive. Some of the factors that can ruin the look of your skin's appearance include darkened skin tone under the armpits, dark spots or patches on the face, white patches on the skin without pigment, and scars among other unpleasant skin conditions that make your skin look uneven.

Some of the methods you can use to maintain an attractive looking skin are the use of lightening agents, whether they be powerful chemical treatments, or even simple household remedies.

Some homemade natural products include lemon juice, almonds and honey. However, these products cannot be relied on if you want serious changes, since they only have mild effects and also take a long time to yield results.

Chemical skin whitening creams on the other hand, can be relied upon especially for the treatment of severe skin conditions, in cases where bleaching can yield good results.

Skin lightening creams have more bleaching power than homemade natural products thus they are suitable for conditions such as hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation. A skin treatment like this can also work wonders for people with extremely dark skin if they wish to become lighter.

However, you should take caution when buying a cream like this, especially online, so that you can be sure to buy the right products. The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has a wide variety of products being sold in the market.

Some of the products on the market are suitable for long term skin lightening whereas other products can result in adverse side effects. The availability of numerous different skin lightening products makes it difficult to determine the best product.

Skin care products that you should avoid

Although every company that has introduced its beauty products in the market claims that they are the best, it is not always true. The following are some of the products that you should avoid when looking for safe and effective skin lightening products.

Glutathione capsules are some of the pills in the market whose manufacturers claim that they can lighten your skin. Some of the ridiculous claims about these pills is that they can even lighten your skin overnight, simply by swallowing one of them. Such pills should be avoided by all means since they impose a greater danger than the results they are expected to give, which is not much at all.

There is a lot of information on the internet that claim that these skin whitening pills are medically approved, but this is not true. You should use Internet for research, but you should be very cautious on which information to trust.

For instance, claims that skin whitening pills are safe for human use are not true.

 Skin whitening pills are not FDA approved thus not certified for human use. The use of such pills imposes huge risks such as kidney failure, in the most serious cases.

The other products to avoid are those containing hydroquinone. Before hydroquinone started raising health issues, it was widely used in skin care products because it has a bleaching effect thus could treat skin conditions such as hyper-pigmentation.

Some of the people who have suffered from the use of products containing hydroquinone include the famous Michael Jackson who bleached his skin to treat a skin condition called vitiligo. However, the products prescribed to him contained hydroquinone that resulted in some side effects such as thickening and bruising of the skin and sensitivity to sunlight.

Mercury is the other ingredient found in certain foreign made bleaching products that you should avoid. Mercury causes adverse changes in personal behavior such as low self-esteem, shyness and lack of self-confidence among other psychological conditions. Too much absorption of mercury in the body can cause dangerous health conditions such as tremors and kidney failure.

Other than checking the ingredients in skin lightening products, there other factors that you need to consider to ensure that you have bought the right product. One way to ensure some degree of accountability is to simply choose an American based company, who must comply to FDA regulations.

Where to buy

Skin Renews is very transparent in its operation in various ways such as excellent customer support system, the full disclosure of all information about their products on the site, and the knowledge and expertise to recommend the right treatments for their customers.

Skin Renews has been around selling online for over a decade, and it has received numerous customer reviews and testimonials. Companies that do not have a long list of customers previous cannot be trusted since it’s clear that the previous customers were not satisfied with the performance of their products, or the results have not been tested over a long period of time.

The other reason why you should source your skin lightening, (and anti-aging) products from Skin Renews, is because they are always ready and able to provide professional information, which you might need in regard to the whole skin whitening process.

You can contact their representative via the contact page, or at for any clarification about their products and how to use them to get the results you're looking for.

 You can also browse their product range on the product description page in the menu, which will explain most of it.

Always remember that skin whitening is a gradual process that requires patience and commitment. You should also be responsible for maintaining your skin after achieving the results. Some of the maintenance practices that you should remember include regular skin cream application, (at least once a week to maintain your appearance), exfoliating your skin to get rid of dead cells and avoiding a lot of direct sunlight.

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