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Skin Renews Skin Whitening And Anti-Aging Products

Posted: Aug 24 2015

The Skin Renews brand is a new player on the skin care scene, brought to you by the same people who gave you Tonique Skin Care products, which are also sold on this site.

The Tonique range is focused primarily on skin whitening while the Skin Renews products are more to do with anti-aging and beauty creams.

The thing is, some of the products which are primarily for skin whitening can be used to great effect as anti-aging creams, and vice versa.

The glycolic acid chemical peeling lotion from the Tonique range helps to take off the old dead skin cells in preparation for a lightening treatment, but this also makes the skin look younger, brighter, and more healthy, and works great with the exfoliating even tone anti-aging cleanser, for example.

There are so many different combinations of the new range of products and the old range, which have been shown to be safe and effective for over a decade, with customers around the world.

Tonique Skin Care (and Skin Renews) are both based in Maryland USA, and as such all products are subject to the FDA rules and regulations. There is a certain level of skill involved in applying beauty creams such as these, which is why it's a good idea to talk to the experts in the support team for these products.

To contact the support team, send an email to or use the contact form on the contact page. Tell them about your skin, what it looks like now, what you want it to look like, what things you like about your appearance, and what you don't like, and they will work with you to formulate a treatment plan.

This will involve a number of products to be used on a schedule of once a week, or once a month, or perhaps every day, which will produce the results you're looking for.

What things can I expect?

These products don't work miracles, but to some, it might seem like a miracle. You can bleach your skin from black to white by using these products, and any shade in between, which is great for evening out patches, or getting rid of spots, making you the right color. 

If you stop using the products, the effects will naturally fade away, as the new skin cells grow to replace the old.

With the anti-aging effects, you can dramatically decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with these creams, and heal sun damage, make your skin appear at the least, healthier.

There is no way to turn back the clock altogether, but the effects are positive, and noticeable. For more information, contact the support team, read another post, or browse our products.


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