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How To Get Rid Of Crow's Feet Or Eye Wrinkles

Posted: Oct 21 2015

As you get older, you start to notice certain things changing, a grey hair or two, you can't hear as well, and almost everyone will get wrinkles on the sides of their eyes, (commonly called crow's feet), as one of the first signs of aging on the face.

While you could say that one way to prevent it would be to not squint or screw up your eyes when you laugh, (or cry), you probably already have these wrinkles and want to know what to do about it.

There are many different chemical treatments, which work in different ways, and these are your best hope of turning back the clock on your crow's feet.


One way to get rid of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles like these is to tighten the skin. Before modern technology, a mud pack was one of the best ways to make the skin look younger, as there is a natural chemical in mud which tightens the skin, making these wrinkles less noticeable.

These days we have much more effective active ingredients in wrinkle creams, such as the tightening and color correcting under eye complex made by Skin Renew, an American company with many years experience in the skin care industry.

The products, including many other anti-aging creams and lotions are available on this site, are FDA approved, and contain active ingredients proven to be effective in reducing the effects of aging on the skin.


Another way you can help to make your skin look younger generally is to exfoliate or rub off the outer layers of skin, revealing the younger, tighter, newer skin cells underneath.

For that exact purpose, you can buy the exfoliating anti-aging cleanser, and also the lightening exfoliating soap, one of the other products sold on this site that's in the Tonique range of products, which are usually used to lighten the skin.


This can also be an effective way to hide imperfections in the skin, such as wrinkle lines, and dark circles around the eyes, although if you use too much, you will look a shade or two lighter than usual, which may not be what your goal is.

Anyway, if you feel that you have gone too far in lightening your skin, simply stop using the soap, or the other lightening products, and your skin will go back to it's normal shade in a week or two.


Sometimes having a little extra moisture in your skin can fill out areas which may have been lacking, which works in a similar way to tightening the skin, as your skin will be more tight on a larger area of flesh, and there are other ways in which dry skin can add to the aging effect, and how moisturizing can make you look younger and healthier.


Sometimes your skin may need certain anti-oxidants like vitamin C, in order to fight free radicals, and to simply give your skin the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

There are many essential vitamins and minerals added to the different creams available on this site, in the Tonique collection, and the Skin Renew collection, which work to make your skin as healthy as possible, which automatically makes it look younger and more beautiful.

If you have any questions about which products would work the best for your individual skin, use the contact page, or send an email to and get personalized advice from the expert support team.

It may be helpful to include a photo of yourself so they can see what you have to work with, and mention if you have oily or dry skin, and anything else that might be relevant.

You can then buy the right product through the product sales pages using a credit card, and the items will be delivered to you anywhere in the world within a few weeks.

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