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Skin Lightening for Very Dark Skin

Posted: Oct 25 2015

Skin lightening can sometimes be ineffective for very dark skin tones depending on which products are used.  In order for someone with a very dark skin tone to have results using skin lightening products, the products must be highly concentrated in order to work.  Another important factor that people with very dark skin tones or those with more stubborn and harder to lighten areas have to take into consideration is being consistent in the application of skin lightening products.  You will only be able to gauge results if you are consistent in your skin care regimen and applying your skin lightening preparations.

Skin Lightening For Darker Skin 

Darker skin tones can have good results by using Super Concentrated products such as the Super Concentrated 10x Facial Cream and Super Concentrated Green Tea Lotion for the body.  Used daily these two products can lighten even a very dark tone 4-5 shades with regular use due to the concentration of skin lightening ingredients as well as making sure that high quality skin lightening ingredients are used as well.  By applying these products twice daily after cleansing consistently, results are usually seen within 7-10 days at the least for very dark skin tones and 5-7 days for a light to medium tone.

Skin lightening is not only used to lighten the skin several shades but also to lighten very stubborn areas of hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne scars, dark stretch marks, etc.  These areas are where a super concentrated formula is best to use in order to see the dramatic results that you want.  

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